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BenQ MP 770

Perfect for conferences and classroom.
Equipped with "Senseye™" and "BrilliantColour™"  technology

"Off & Go" function!!

Whisper Quiet

Below $ 3,500!!!


Display Type 0.7” 12 degree DDR DMD x 1
Native Resolution XGA (1024 x 768)
Brightness 3,200 ANSI Lumens
Lamp Life 3,000h (Normal) - 4,000 h (Eco-mode)
Lens Manual Zoom & Manual Focus
Weight 3.0 Kg
Contrast Massive 2000:1

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Projector Features top

Perfect for both the conference room and the classroom, the all-new BenQ MP 770 professional projector comes equipped with state-of-the-art Senseye™ colour enhancement and BrilliantColour™ technology and an array of features unmatched in its class

With its Senseye™ colour enhancement technology, the BenQ MP770 is able to accurately render the subtlest of tints such as natural pastels and skin tones, while the 3D Colour Management not only corrects hue and saturation levels but also colour intensity for realistic picture quality. Specialized Colour Wheel Coating delivers better colour saturation on Red and Blue than standard RGB (sRGB) without sacrificing green. Combined with the MP770's 10-bit image processing, which accurately renders over 1.07 billion colours, the colour layers are adjusted to provide enhanced image quality and reproduce the true colour. 

BrilliantColour™ is a new, cutting-edge technology that enables higher brightness levels by boosting mid-tone colours, resulting in more vibrant, precisely rendered colours

With 3,200 lumens to work with, you can use the BenQ MP 770 effectively under virtually any lighting conditions. Not only can your audience enjoy superb picture quality, but you can spare them from annoying glare and the need to squint to make out what's on the screen.

At only 28dB (economic mode), the sound of BenQ MP770's operation never gets in the way of a presentation. Free from distractions of unwanted noise, your audience can focus on your presentation.

2D keystone correction standard. Ever have trouble getting the projection image square on the wall? This unique feature can compensate for image distortion up to ±40% vertically and ±20% horizontally— no matter where the projector is located

The BenQ MP770 incorporates an advanced "Off & Go" feature that can cool off even when the projector is unplugged. This handy feature is possible because its unique design allows the MP770's cooling fan to continue operating even after it is unplugged. That means after you finish a presentation, there's no need to wait for the cooling process to complete before leaving the venue. The system also guards against damage from power outages while the projector is operating.

The BenQ MP770 is equipped with a password protection feature that prevents unauthorized use by requiring that the correct password be entered before an input source is accepted.

Key Features

  • DLP™ Technology , Superior Digital Picture Quality that won't fade over time.
  • 3200 ANSI Lumens - Superior brightness, and clarity.
  • 2000:1 - Ultra-High Contrast Ratio
  • Micro dust filters
  • Senseye™ colour enhancement
  • BrilliantColour™ technology
  • only 28dB (economic mode)
  • 4000 hrs lamp life (Eco. mode)
  • 2D keystone correction
  • "Off & Go" feature
  • Password protection
  • 3.0Kg
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty , Reliability Guaranteed.

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